A Brazilian company worldwide recognized for processing and marketing purees, puree and guava paste, Purea has its aseptic plant established in Marapoama, São Paulo, Brazil.  And Suconor, frozen plant pineapple facility in Joao Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil. With quality in everything we do, Purea Tropical Food offers natural products, prioritizing: technology, differentiated services and integrated logistics.
Type of Product Products

Type of Product Products

  • Aseptic Pink Guava – Single Strength and Concentrate
  • Aseptic Mango – Single Strength and Concentrate
  • Aseptic Papaya – Single Strength and Concentrate
  • Frozen Pineapple Juice – Concentrate
  • Aseptic Passion Fruit – Single Strength and Concentrate
  • Desserts: Guava Paste, Banana Paste and Marron-glacé (sweet potato paste)

Purea also provides customers with banana products, with the same special quality, from Ecuador, a country with recognized tradition in this industry.

Type of Product Products
  • Aseptic Acidified Banana Puree
  • Aseptic Banana Puree with Vitamin C
  • Banana Powder
  • Banana Flakes


To be a global hortifruti products company products aiming people’s quality of life.

To offer products with best prices and high quality to our customers, not measuring efforts in continuous improvement of processes, seeking high standards on goods, supply alternatives and production of excellent raw materials to meet our demands.


  • COMMITMENT: Attend, respect and be transparent in relations with our customers, suppliers, employees, society, government and the environment.
  • LIABILITY: In our manufacturing process we follow the rules and standards set by customers and regulatory agencies.
  • EXCELLENCE: In constantly improving the production method, perfect and lower costs.
  • INNOVATION: Extreme attention to products, in order to keep them aligned with the newest techniques of production of healthy food, seeking to provide what is best in the market.